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For providers, physicians, and therapists

If you are a provider, physician, or therapist of any kind and would like to refer a client or patient to us, please see the following.

If you would like to learn more about what we do before sending patients to us, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Alex at This can be over the phone or in the office.

At HML we have had success adding function to people’s lives with an array of chronic health problems by applying our clinical model of combining functional neurology and functional medicine and chiropractic care.

After your patient/client contacts us we will have them go through our new patient process. This is done by having a consultation in the office, or if they are out of town – over the phone. We go over the main health concerns of the patient. At that time, we have had the paperwork filled out that review’s history extensively as well. If we think we can help them, then we will recommend moving into a second appointment involving a comprehensive examination, consultation, review of findings, and proposal of a treatment plan.

Regardless of whether the patient receives care or not, we have the patient sign off on records sharing and provide our findings to any other caretakers in the patient’s life reviewing our findings and recommendations.

Any further questions do not hesitate to ask!

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