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At HML the Doctors will work with you, your goals, wants, and needs when deciding what your care plan will consist of.

Chiropractic care – Our chiropractic adjustments consist of pre-therapy (warmups) the adjustments themselves, and post therapy (cool downs). Think of them like going to the gym, our workouts go better with warmups and cool downs. One warm up is the roller bed. The roller bed is a gentle rolling massage on the paraspinal muscles on the spine to loosen tight muscles, reduce pain, increase range of motion and force you to lay down and relax for 10 minutes.

Our adjustments can consist of manual adjustments where one thinks of the traditional Chiropractic adjustment. Table drops, which is a gentle form adjusting without the “popping.” And instrument adjusting which is even more gentle than table drops. We then combine our adjustments several other modalities, one of them is the latest in electrical stimulation to reduce muscle spasm, inflammation, increase muscle size, and strength. We also use soft tissue techniques, instrument assisted soft-tissue manipulations and other techniques to increase function and decrease pain.

Our chiropractic care plans for you may also include the following, which are under our Functional Neurology umbrella of care.

Cold Laser

Cold Lasers emit light that is therapeutic for the body. The photons of the light enter our bodies and energizes our tissues by increasing oxygenation, energy production, waste elimination and inflammation reduction. This is all done safely without feeling a thing. The Doctors use the laser on most tissues and organs to increase cellular healing, function, potentially speed up results, and reduce pain.

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It has been estimated that the average human only uses approximately ten percent of their brain’s actual capacity and capabilities. Identifying and unlocking the power of the brain to help the body EXCEL in physical abilities and performance, ENHANCE cognitive abilities enabling expanded learning and minimizing learning disabilities, RELAX promoting an internal ability to regulate pain while regulating physical and emotional stress, and to enable the body’s ability to heal itself and RECOVER from traumatic physical and emotional injury, is not only possible but now available through a method of carefully applied neural stimulus. This method is called Systemic Neural Adaptation.

Interactive Metronome

All brain functions require timing, rhythm and coordination of neurons to communicate to each other. Whether it is cognitive processing or throwing a baseball the neuronal circuits required to perform those tasks without problems need timing, rhythm and coordination in perfect harmony to occur. The interactive metronome challenges patients to keep whole body motions synchronized down to the millisecond all the while providing auditory and visual feedback.

Brain Hemispheric Integration

The brain can be divided into left and right halves. Based on signs, symptoms, and examination findings we may find that we need to stimulate one side of the brain over the other to increase function and even reduce pain. Utilizing sight, sound, smell, and tactile stimulation, and proprioception (unconscious body awareness), we can increase function on one side of the brain over the other to specify and maximize our results