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A critical approach to the therapy of mitochondrial respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation diseases

Acute encephalopathy with biphasic seizures and late reduced diffusion

Acute otitis externa

AE in Children – Russell Dale


Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation_Psychosomatic Med_03

Amphetamine and basal ganglia


Antibasal ganglia antibodies and their relevance to movement disorders_Current Opinions in Neurol_04

Antineuronal antibodies in a group of children with obsessive–compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome

Apraxias in movment disorders

arcuate fasciculus variabiliity

Assessment of Patients with FN disorders

Autoimmune encephalopathies – Leypoldt – 2014 – Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – Wiley Online Library

Autonomic Glia

Awesome eyes three

Awesome eyes two

Awesome tremor chart

Balance deficits after sports-related concussion in individuals reporting posttraumatic headache Neurosur

Basal ganglia and cerebellum in dystonia

Basal Ganglia

Basal ganglia greatness


Benefits of Exercise

Berberine promotes axonal regeneration in injured nerves of the peripheral nervous system_J Med Food_2012

Brain dendritic cells – biology and pathology_Acta Neuropathol_2012

Brain Fitness Tips

Brain imaging and vestibular disorders

brain metabolism

Brain-immune interactions and disease susceptibility_Molecular Psychol 05


Vitamin D controls T cell antigen receptor signaling and activation of T cells_Nature Imm 2010

Visual tracking synchronizaton as a metric for concussion screening

Vestibulo-ocular monitoring as a predictor of outcome after severe traumatic brain injury crit care2009

Vestibular rehabilitation for dizziness and balance disorders after concussion-neurophystherV

estibular loss an Hipp and spatial loss

vestibular and blood

Vertigo a diagnostic approach

Vertical nystagmus

Vergence dysfunction in mildtraumatic brain injury a review

Velocity storage in the human vertical rotational

Upregulation of BDNF and neuropeptide Y in the dorsal ascending sensory pathway following sciatic nerve injury in rat_Neurosci lett_1999

Triggering mechanisms in microsaccade and saccade


Traumatic brain injury and intestinal dysfunction – uncovering the neuro-enteric axis_J Neurotrauma_09

transverse myelitis

The thalamostriatal systems – anatomical and functional organization in normal and parkinsonian states_Brain Res Bul_09

The synapsins-Multitask modulators of neuronal development

The Neurologic Examination

The Dizzy Patient

The assessment of balance and dizziness

thalamus vascular syndromes

thalamus neocortex activationt

halamocortical vestibular systemt

bi frontal lobest

bi depression

Targeting autophagy and mitophagy for mitochondrial diseases treatment

Systemic infections and inflammation affect chronic neurodegeneration_Nat Rev Immunol_2007

Synaptic oscillations

Superior Colliculus Activity Related to Concurrent Processing of Saccade Goals in a Visual Search Task_2002

stress illness

spinal manipulation on gait

Somatotopic organization of the primate basal ganglia

Sensory two

Sensory neuropathy and autoimmune diseases_Autoimmune Diseases_2012

Sensory neurons, ion channels, inflammation, and the onset of neuropathic pain_

Sensory Exam

sensory axon regeneration

sensorimotor integation with cervical adjustment

Saccades and pursuits

Saccade greatness

Rule of 4s


Role of mitochondrial complex I and protective effect of CoQ10 supplementation in propofol induced cytotoxicity

Rifaximin for irritable bowel syndrome without constipation_NEJM

rewiring brain


Rehabilitation approaches to hemineglect_Neurolgist_09

purkinje and autonomics

progressive apraxia

progressive aphasia

prefrontal organization

prefrontal cortex

posterior cortical atrophy

post concussion symptoms

Plasticity and stroke

Plasticity and brain injury

Physical therapy recommendations for service members with mild traumatic brain injury J head trauma rehab

Peripheral neuropathy

perception oscillations

parkinsons disconnection

Parietal lobe and Express Saccades



oxidative stress and excitotoxicity

ox stress parkinsons

Olfactory Loss and Regain

NMDA receptors and apoptosis

NMDA protective benefits

NMDA and degen

Neurovascular-neuroenergetic coupling axis in the brain- master regulation by nitric oxide and consequences in aging and neurodegeneration

neurotrasmitter glia



Neuroprotection with ketone bodies

Neuronal antibody movement disorders

Neuromuscular junction disease

Neuroinflammation and psychiatric illness

neurogenesis aging circulatory system


NeuroClin-Nutritional Neuropathies

NeuroClin-Antibody Testing in Peripheral Neuropathies

Neuro imflam BBB

Neuro Exam Details from Kharazzian Neuro Exam Video


Motor neuron disease

motor cognition

MMSE Sensitivity and Specificity

mitochondria neurons

Mini-Mental State Examination

Microglial Control of Neuronal Death and Synaptic Properties_Glia_07

Microglia-neuronal signalling in neuropathic pain hypersensitivity 2.0_Cur Op Neurobiol

Microglia in neurodegenerative disease_Nat Rev Neurol_2010

Metal toxicity at the synapse – presynaptic postsynaptic and long term effects_J Toxicol_2012

LTP and plasticity

LTP and LTD with stimulation

Losing your nerves – maybe its the antibodies_Nat Rev ImmunolI

VIG treatmente in multifocal motor neuropathy_J Clin Immunol_2010


Interaction of the Frontal Eye Field and Superior Colliculus

Inhibitor kappa B kinase beta dependent cytokine upregulation in nociceptive neurons contributes to nociceptive hypersensitivity after sciatic nerve injury_J Pain_2012

Influence of onset offset saccade programming

Influence of motor and cognitive impairment upon visually guided saccades in PD

inflammation lyme disease

Inflammation Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Humans- Insights from Data-Driven and Mechanistic Models into Survival and Death

inflammation and bowel

infection and activation

Immunoregulatory Role – J Immunol


immunoexcitotoxicity in chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Immune function and exercise_Exercise Immunology Review_2011_vol 17i

l6 synaptic transmission

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

huntingtons anti inflammatory

Howlett Neurological Exam

How does diabetes accelerate alzheimer disease pathology_Nat Rev Neurol_2010

hiv frontal changes

hemispheric lateralization

hemispheric assymetries

hemispher and immune function

Gut Microbiota, Bacterial Translocation, and Interactions with Diet- Pathophysiological Links between Major Depressive Disorder and Non-Communicable Medical Comorbidities

Glial damage 1

Gaze and torso stability

Functional Symptoms and Signs in Neurology

Functional Sensory Symptoms

Functional Auditory Disordersf

rontotemporal disordersf

rontal syndrome

frontal lobe tracts

frontal lobe history

frontal collosal disconnection

eyes awesomee


Exercise-induced hippocampal anti-inflammatory response in aged rats

Exercise on neurocognitive function

Excitotoxins, Mitochondrial and Redox Disturbances in Multiple Sclerosis

epigentics and brain plasticity

enhanced networks

Endocrine changes after pediatric traumatic brain injury pituitary


eMedicine – Frontal and Temporal Lobe Dementia – Article by Howard S Kirshner

Effects of vagus nerve stimulation on pro and anti inflammatory cytokine induction in patients with refractory epilepsy

Effects of testosterone on cognitive brain aging – Ann NY Acad Sci

Effects of Somatosensory Stimulation on Motor Function After Subacute Stroke

Effects of oral supplementation – Nutrition

Effects of Eye Position upon superior colliculus

effect of saccades on cognition

Effect of cognitive load on eye target synchronization during smooth pursuit eye movement


dystonia neuroanatomy

dyslexia spatial perception

dysexecutive frontal lesions

Dual tasking

dopamine curcuits

Does vestibular damage cause cognitive

DNA damage in neurodegenerative diseases

DNA Damage and Its Links to Neurodegeneration

DIzziness two

Dizziness – Approach to Evaluation and Management

Dizziness – A Diagnostic Approach

diabetes inflmmation fatigue


Cutting your nerve changes your brain

Critical role of hydrogen peroxide in the differential susceptibility of Th1 and Th2 cells to tributyltin-induced apoptosis_Biochem Pharm_08

Corticobasal Degeneration

cortical remapping

Cortical activation during optokinetic stimulation-an fMRI study

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome_J Neurol_2005_a review

Cognitive Assessment Tookit

Cochlear pathologies

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Neurology

Cerebllum Pursuit Deficits

cerebellum verbal memory

cerebellum thought dysmetria

cerebellum overview

cerebellum motor cognition

cerebellum languagec

erebellum basal ganglia error correction

cerebellum anatomy

cerebellum alcohol

cerebellar hemispheric activation

cerebellar circuits

Central Nervous System Disorders

cellular plasticity

Canalolithiasis of the superior semicircular canal_An anomaly in Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo _2005


Brain-immune interactions and disease susceptibility_Molecular Psychol 05

brain metabolism

Brain imaging and vestibular disorders

Brain Fitness Tips

Brain dendritic cells – biology and pathology_Acta Neuropathol_2012

Berberine promotes axonal regeneration in injured nerves of the peripheral nervous system_J Med Food_2012

Benefits of Exercise


Basal ganglia greatness

Basal ganglia

Basal ganglia and cerebellum in dystonia

Balance deficits after sports-related concussion in individuals reporting posttraumatic headache Neurosur

Awesome tremor chart

Awesome eyes two

Awesome eyes three

Autonomic Glia

Autoimmune encephalopathies – Leypoldt – 2014 – Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – Wiley Online Library

Assessment of Patients with FN disorders

arcuate fasciculus variabiliity

Apraxias in movment disorders

Antineuronal antibodies in a group of children with obsessive–compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome

Antibasal ganglia antibodies and their relevance to movement disorders_Current Opinions in Neurol_04


Amphetamine and basal ganglia

Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation_Psychosomatic Med_03


AE in Children – Russell Dale

Acute otitis externa

Acute encephalopathy with biphasic seizures and late reduced diffusion

A critical approach to the therapy of mitochondrial respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation diseases

Brain Photobiomodulation—Preliminary Results from Regional Cerebral Oximetry and Thermal Imaging

Dyslexia and more

Hamblin What is the truth about photobiomodulation and the Big C

Hamblin_ Shining light on the head

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Laser and Cancer and complex diseases

Laser and immunobiology

Laser TBI Study

Low-Level Laser Therapy Improves Vision in Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Low-Level Laser Therapy Reduces Lung Inflammation in an Experimental Model of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Involving P2X7 Receptor

Neurophotonics_ Transcranial Laser for Pain in the Body

Acceleration-Deceleration Sport-Related Concussion- The Gravity of It All

ADHD affects all areas of health

Antidepressant Efficacy of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Autonomic Nervous System and Immune Reactions

Autonomics and Mood

Basal Ganglia Action Plans

Basal Ganglia Motor Systems

Basal Ganglia Nutrition – Kharrazian

Beyond blood brain barrier breakdown

Brain death mechanisms

Brain dendritic cells – biology and pathology_Acta Neuropathol_2012

Brain Development and tourettes

Brain Foods

Brain Plasticity-Basaed Therapeutics


Brocas vs Angular Gyrus

Caspase-3 in the central nervous system- beyond apoptosis_Cell_2012

Central nervous system injury-induced immune deficiency syndrome_Nat Rev Immunol_05

Cerebellar Transcranial Direct Stimulation Modulates Verbal Working Memory

Cerebellum and Immunity

cerebellum cognition emotion

Cerebral White Matter Projections

Chemical Antibodies JAT – Vojdani and Kharrazian

cognition theories

Cognitive and Emotional Control of Pain

Cognitive fatigue

Cognitive Rehabiltation and Plasticity

cortex pathology

Cortical Asymmetry and ADHD

Cortical evolution

Cortical Map Development

Cortical Reorganization with ICA Occlusion

Descending Control of Pain

DEvelopment of Complex Brain Networks

Development of Hub Architecture

Development of interneurons into cortical networks

Development of large scale functional networks

Development of Late Synchrony maturation

development of the right and left hemispheres

Developmental Changes in Hub Network

Developmental Connectome

Developmetn of functional Anatom columns

Disordes of Autonomics after hemispheric CVD

Dizziness after traumatic brain injury_Brain Inj_06

Does vestibular damage cause cognitive

Engaging neuroscience to advance translational research in brain barrier biology_Nat Rev Neurosci_2012

Epigenetics in Brain Development

Epigenetics in Schitzophrenia

Epigenetics of Neural developmental disorders

epigentics and brain plasticity

Expanding universe of disorders of the basal ganglia

Experience dependant Bimodality inhibitory neurons

Frontal Lobe Lesions

Frontal Lobe Neurology

Function networks local to distributed

Functiona Neuroanatomy of the Basal Ganglia

Functional Connectivity in Tourettes

Functional connectivity workshop

Functional Neuroantomy of Language

Functional Organization of Autonomic Pathways

GABA INterneurons in Brain Development

Gate Theory of Pain

genes cognition

Heart Rate Variability and inflammation

hemispheric lateralization

History of neural synchrony

Hydrogen rich TBI

Hypopituitarism after multiple concussions- a retrospective case study in an adolescent male

IKB and basal inflammation

Immune crosstalk in CNS

Immune system to brain signaling – neuropsychological implications_Pharm and Therapeutics_2011

Immunology and immunotherapy of alzheimers disease_Nature Reviews Immunology_06

Inflammation and dementia

Insulin paper

interhemispheric balance in parkinsons disease

Kids and plasticity

Language disorders




Lateral Asymmetries in infants

Loss of specificity in basal ganglia related movement disorders

LTP and plasticity

Lucanar Infarction

Management of Cerebral Concussion in Sports- The Athletic Trainer’s Perspective

Management of the Athlete with Concussion

Mechanisms of head injuries in elite football

Mechanisms of inflammation


Metabolic changes in concussed American football players during the acute and chronic post-injury phases

Microglia and the control of autoreactive T cell responses_Neurochemistry Intl_06

Microglia in neurodegenerative disease_Nat Rev Neurol_2010

Microglial activation correlates with severity in Huntington disease_J Neurol_06

Microglial cell origin and phenotypes in health and disease_Nat Rev Immunol_2011

MIcroglial stripping

Mild traumatic brain injuries in adults

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury- Lessons Learned from Clinical, Sports, and Combat Concussions

Models of Basal Ganglia Function and Dysfunction

Moter Cortex in Pain Control

Movement Disorders in System Disease

Movment disorders in cerebrovascular disease

Myelin antibody

Neuro antibody testing

Neurodegeneration AWESOME

Neurodegneration with Iron Accumulation

Neuroimmunomodulation of limbic structures

Neuromodulation of OCD

Neuronal Damage in Brain Inflammation

Neuropsychiatry of the Basal Ganglia

Neuropsychological Performance, Postural Stability, and Symptoms After Dehydration




NMDA protective benefits

Nueral synchrony

Nurtition for chemical tolerance – Kharrazian

Occupational Exposures and Parkinsonism

olfaction degenerative disease

Pain Pathways Introduction


PEG minocycline-lipossomes ameliorate CNS autoimmune disease_PLOS

Peripheral nerve and plasticity

Plasticity and stroke



Potential Therapeutic Strategies Mitochondria

Reactive Oxygen Species Stimulate Sympathetic Nervous System

Recurrenct temporal networks in lanuage acquisition

Rehabilitation after Stroke


Right vmPFC Lesions

Segregation Integration Development

Somato integration feed forward thalamocortical

Somatotopic Orgnization of Basal Ganglia

Specificity in Orginization of the ANS


Sports-related mild traumatic brain injury in female youths.

Standardized Mental Status Testing on the Sideline After Sport-Related Concussion

Stress reduces BDNF

Stroke prevention in atrial fibrilation – do we still need warfarin_Cur Op Neuro_2012

Supramedullary Modulation of Sympathetic Vasomotor Functions

Sympathetic Control of Blood Pressure

Synaptic oscillations

Targeting Plasticity with Vagus Nerve


TBI paper

The Autonomic Brain

The cerbellum and Basal Ganglia are Interconnected

The Epidemiology of Sport-Related Concussion

The Functional Neuroanatomy of Pain Perception

The Human Frontal Lobes

The mechanism of mitochondrial superoxide production by the cytochrome bc1 complex_J biol chem_2003

The Neurometabolic Cascade of Concussion

The Role of the Basal Ganglia and Cerebellum In Motor Learning

Trigeminal nerve stimulation does not acutely affect cortical excitability

vagus nerve stimulation and hippocampal neruogeneiss

vagus nerve stimulation central vs peripheral evoked potentials

vagus nerve stimulatoin acute and chronic effects

vertigo and migraine

vest rehab guidelines

vestibular active vs passive head movements

vestibular loss causes hippocampal atrophy

vestibular system anatomy and higher projections

Vestibulo-Sympathetic Responses

Visual rehab for visual-vestibular dysfunction

vmPFC Autonomic Control

VOR anxiety

What causes lucaner stroke

White matter andd Functional Disconnection

02-2-NeuroClin-The clinical electromyography examination–An overview

02-3-NeuroClin-Nerve conduction studies. Types, components, abnormalities, and value in localization

02-5-NeuroClin-Needle electromyography. Fundamentals, normal and abnormal patterns

02-6-NeuroClin-Electrodiagnostic approach to the patient with suspected radiculopathy

02-7-NeuroClin-Electrodiagnostic approach to the patient with suspected brachial plexopathy

02-10-NeuroClin-Electrodiagnostic approach to the patient with suspected motor neuron disease

07-NeuroClin-Antibody Testing in Peripheral Neuropathies

07-NeuroClin-Autonomic Peripheral Neuropathy

07-NeuroClin-Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

07-NeuroClin-The electrodiagnosis of neuropathy– basic principles and common pitfalls

07-NeuroClin-Vasculitic Neuropathies

A current interpretation of popliteal vascular entrapment

A day in the EMG laboratory – Case studies of 10 patients with 10 different clinical problems_Neuro Clinics_2012

Alcohol Neuropathy

Anatomy of the quadrilateral space

Antibody testing as a diagnostic tool in autoimmune disorders_Clin Auton Res_09

Arsenic toxicity

autoimmune channelopathies

Cauda Equina

CMT Disease

Compartment Syndromes

Diabetic neuropathy – cellular mechanisms as therapeutic targets_Nat Rev Neurol_2010

eMedicine – Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy _ Article by Richard A Lewis

eMedicine – Metabolic Myopathies _ Article by Bashar Katirji

eMedicine – Mononeuritis Multiplex _ Article by Paul V Brooks

eMedicine – Neuropathy of Leprosy _ Article by Ramaratnam Sridharan

eMedicine – Nutritional Neuropathy _ Article by R Andrew Sewell

eMedicine – Paraneoplastic Autonomic Neuropathy _ Article by Bjorn Oskarsson

eMedicine – Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome-Article by Gianni Persich

eMedicine – Toxic Neuropathy _ Article by Jonathan S Rutchik

eMedicine – Vitamin B-12 Associated Neurological Diseases _ Article by Niranjan N Singh

friedrichs ataxia

Functional Popliteal Entrapment Syndrome

Meralga Paresthetica

Motor neuron disease

Nerve Compression Syndromes of the Upper Extremity

Nerve Entrapments of the Lower Leg and Foot in Sport

neuropathic pain

Peripheral neuropathy

Popliteal Entrapment Syndrome

Quadrilaterl Space Syndrome

Sensory neuropathy and autoimmune diseases_Autoimmune Diseases_2012

Thoracic outlet and pectoralis minor syndromes

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

TOS Part 1

TOS Part 2


Uremic Neuropathy

Vascular Compression Syndromes

A General Overview on the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Exposure to Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Increases Blood Flow

HOT Autism 2

HOT Autism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Childre

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy on oxidative stress


Mild hyperbaric oxygen-mechanisms and effects

Scientific review of the evidence for hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment

The effect of mild-pressure hyperbaric therapy