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How old is your child? And what were your greatest concerns and challenges with your child?

Seth Kellenberger will be 10 years old on May 15, 2021.

Seth was a very severe developmentally delayed child. At 3 years old, he assessed between 8 months and 1 year old in most developmental areas. Our greatest concern was his lack of communication and language development skills. He wasn’t very responsive receptively and therefore unable to express any of his needs in a typical way. Therefore, he was often frustrated and restless and not able to function as a typical child his age. His behaviors became more challenging as he tried to cope with everyday living. He had many sensory issues making daily life very challenging. Things like washing his hair, haircuts, any sort of childhood injury, sickness, new experiences, traveling, change of plans, etc would send him in a fight or flight spell. Sometimes for no known reason, something would set him off and that meant living on egg shells not knowing when the next crisis or meltdown would come. We could not reason or explain the simplest matter to help him cope as he didn’t understand us. He was nonverbal until about age 5 when single words began to come forth. We started Brain Balance at age 2.5, working with Dr. Alex then as our nutrition consultant and then with Dr. Alex in his own practice from 2017 to present. We really started to notice Seth move forward to a greater degree from 2017 on. Dr. Alex’ method of finding the underlying causes and his amazing understanding of brain development and function has had a great impact on Seth’s progress. He taught us, his parents, how to help our son more fully. Dr. Alex had certain therapies in-office and then customized a home-therapy program for Seth. We have made this his daily regimen and have seen Seth blossom like a budding flower.

What changes have you seen in your child?

Seth now can communicate all his needs mostly with phrases.He also talks with us with descriptive language, expressing what he sees, wants, hears, needs, etc. He used to be very literal, but now can tease and be playfully teased, joke around with, laugh at things appropriately and doesn’t fall apart when things aren’t literal. While he still has a ways to go to be at his age developmentally for language, he is moving forward at a quicker pace. He understands all the aspects of his therapy plan and can do most independently. We can explain even some complex things and reason more with him than ever before. He amazes us with his flexibility to change without meltdowns. 2020 was full of change and he seemed to go with the flow of the year. He does very well with social prepping and that has helped with spontaneous invites from family and friends, including travel. He has no issues with travel anymore. His fight or flight has lessened to maybe 20% from 100%. His frustrations have lessened to almost nil in regards to communicating and expressing himself. He loves people and is very social. We can plan vacations, trips, etc and now we see how he gets excited in anticipation as we would with something fun. He is learning in school and is much more patient to learn. His focus is greatly improving and allows for full 45 minutes lessons in school. He still needs reminders and little breaks from time to time, but is improving greatly. We are grateful to God first, and then to Dr. Alex, Dr. Lauren and Dr. Maran for all their labors and care for Seth. Seth loves them too and looks forward to all his visits. We couldn’t be more thankful that our paths crossed and that Seth is in the best hands possible. We truly believe that!

10 year old sweet girl with Autism:

Our daughter will be 10 this month and we’ve been taking her to HML for over a year now. She was diagnosed at the age of 5 with level 3 autism. Over the years, we’ve taken her to see numerous specialists and have never found one that was a good fit for her. Until last year, one of her speech pathologists recommended we take her to see Dr. Alex at HML. What a relief.

The progress we’ve seen while taking her to HML (Dr. Alex, Dr. Lauren and Dr. Maran) has brought us so much direction and clarity on what therapies need to be done to get her where she needs to be. The therapies they do are the best of the best, they have the expertise, tools, equipment, that’s are top notch. In addition to the therapies, they’ve even able to do chiropractic work on her, which with how sensitive her body is I never thought was possible, but they accomplish it. She’s always been an extremely active girl, on the go nonstop, used to have meltdowns often, but since we’ve been taking her to HML we’ve noticed she’s slowed down, is more focused, her fine motor skills and speech (a few words we are hearing every now and then!) have improved, she’s starting to hold and eat with utensils more independently and we haven’t seen those big meltdowns in months. The work they’ve done on her have given results, not small but major results. For example, when she first began with HML, we did 4, 30 minute sessions per day, 5 days a week (called intensive therapy), 20 visits in one week! I was a nervous mom leading up to this, I knew she’d be extremely exhausted, have meltdowns, but the doctors were prepared, they’re extremely experienced, they want to see the exhaustion and meltdowns, so they can help and detect where the work needs to be done. They said to give her a few weeks after the intensive therapy to rest, relax and we should see improvements. We certainly did start to see improvements, I remember the first week we started to see her slow down, think things through and start focusing more on what she was doing, she ate an entire meal sitting at the table that week for the first time, she didn’t roam around every few minutes. We can go for walks and she’ll hold my hand, or when we lay in bed she lets me massage her little hands, her hands used to be so sensitive to touch. We drive from Holt, MO to Lee’s Summit, MO, about an hour or more drive depending on traffic, but it truly doesn’t feel that far when you are taking your child to doctors that understand them from the moment they walk through the door just by watching their movement, sounds, touch. I’ve never felt so much of a weight lifted off knowing this is exactly where our daughter needs to be. We couldn’t be more grateful. They are the best.

12 year old amazing girl with unknown developmental delay:

HML has been such a wonderful resource and team for my daughter with developmental disabilities. Dr. Alex was able to provide insight into her mind and development that felt like the missing pieces of her puzzle were finally coming together. Her therapies as well as suggested supplements have made such a difference. My daughter can be picky with the people she likes but she has latched onto every member of the HML team and I couldn’t be more grateful!

9 year old beautiful girl with attention and behavioral challenges:

Literally a life changing service for our daughter. Im not sure where we would be with out them. The doctors take the time to listen and really hear what is needed. Not enough space here to write all the amazing things they do.

24 year old young women with learning and focus challenges:

Excellent service! They really have a heart for the people they care for, and that’s what it is; care. This healthcare service has helped me so much in boosting my confidence because now I can read without the trouble that I had before. They helped me by designing a specific care plan for my personal needs. I had issues with focusing while I was reading and they have made it much easier for me in my studies by resolving this issue. I was required to do some silly exercises and play some video games that–without my knowing–caused my focus to draw in on the targeted area. They taught me how to do physical exercises to strengthen my core. They used computer applications to keep my eyes focused on a dot in multiple stages. They even used sweet-smelling oils to stimulate my left brain. They are kind and–as I said–caring. Every time I’ve been in there, there was a child they were working with and they gave them the inspiration, confidence, and the drive to reach for their goal. Then, as Dr. Maran Tennis would say, “He/she crushed it!”

They inspired confidence in me and gave me the courage to reach for my own goals in wellness. Their heart-felt care for me has given me the willingness and motivation to pursue wellness in mind and body.

To Dr.’s Alex and Lauren Nelson, and to Dr. Maran Tennis, I thank you.

HML has been a game changer for my son!

Professional staff that invested the time needed to help him. My son always looked forward to going and always walked out with additional tools he needed to be successful! I highly recommend!

1 year old sweet girl:

“HML changed my daughters life. She had mental and developmental delays from birth and we were told by other Drs that there was nothing wrong and were blown off. These delays were impacting her quality of life drastically and we were once again told that nothing was wrong. HML not only believed us, but noticed much of what my husband and I had been seeing before we even mentioned it in her first appointment! My daughter is now back on track (or ahead) with her mental and developmental milestones and is healthier than shes ever been. HML Functional Chiropractic was the answer to our prayers and have exceeded every expectation.”

Functional Medicine applications for a married couple:

“My husband and I have been seeing Dr Alex for a few years to work on using supplements to improve our bloodwork. Our cholesterol has decreased, our vitamin D has increased, our thyroid numbers have improved, and more. Thankfully we’ve been able to use chiropractic treatments, diet, and supplements to avoid long term medication.”

Middle Age Man trying passing professional Licensure exam:

Drs Alex and Lauren Nelson have made a tremendous impact on our family! For three years, my husband repeatedly took and failed to pass a professional licensure exam. Along the way, we began wondering if his struggles could be related to his numerous prior concussions, and our journey for answers led us to Dr Alex. After a weeklong intensive at their clinic and weeks of additional followup brain work at home, my husband took his exam for the 7th time and PASSED! He could tell such a difference in his cognitive abilities on his final exam – no more “brain flooding” and anxiety that shut down his ability to display the subject mastery we knew he had. And his margin of improvement from the scores on his prior 6 attempts and his final 7th exam was astounding. The career he went to graduate school and worked so hard for is now a reality thanks to HML Functional Care and the incredible field of functional neurology.

Complete Family Care

Dr. Alex and Dr. Lauren take excellent care of our family. They take the time to properly assess and treat each one based on their unique needs. We appreciate their wisdom and constant desire to learn more to provide the best care using a variety of techniques. Their relatability is a bonus! I have and will continue to send everyone I know to HML Chiropractic.

Family of 5, helping all 3 kiddo’s with challenges

Dr. Alex has been apart of our family’s journey for around 5 years. Not only has his functional medical practice helped propel our children’s development physically, emotionally and socially, but he personally provides encouraging support for the whole family and we are incredibly grateful and blessed for his generous care. He and Dr. Lauren are gifts to so many families navigating unknowns with parenting unique children.

3 year old with a rare genetic disorder

It took me a while to write this review because I didn’t really know how to start or how to convey the depth of my appreciation for Dr. Alex and Dr. Lauren at HML Chiropractic. Our son is severely disabled with an incredibly rare genetic disorder. We were told that he would never walk, would never talk, would likely never convey emotion, and would have coordination and movement issues for the rest of his life with worsening contractures and a likely early demise. Despite seeing multiple specialists, we were basically told there was nothing that could be done and we would have to accept his fate. It felt like the doctors we worked with were waiting for our son to worsen and eventually pass.

My wife learned about HML Chiropractic through Dr. Alex’s Podcasts and his Instagram showing Dr. Alex and Dr. Lauren’s week long intensive chiropractic and functional neurology therapy sessions. Throughout our medical journey, almost no physician or provider that we worked with had bothered to really look into our son’s condition prior to meeting him to try and understand how best to help him. Dr. Alex spent weeks preparing for our arrival, reading the research he could find, consulted with his colleagues, and even reached out to the national expert in my son’s condition so that he could have as much impact as possible. Our first day, he did the most thorough evaluation of my son that any provider has ever done and he spent significant time talking with us to understand our son’s limitations, his symptoms, our goals in treatment. He then took the time to explain his theories and thoughts pertaining to his treatment plan and expected outcomes.

No one we have worked with has treated us and our son with as much respect, compassion, love, and care as Dr. Alex and Dr. Lauren. By the end of the week, there was a clear improvement in our son’s primitive reflexes, improvement in his ability to track objects, and improvement in his spasticity and muscle strength.

These two people and their wonderful staff are an answer to our prayers and have become lifelong partners with us and our son as we work toward improvement and, hopefully, a cure in our little boy’s life. While the changes may be subtle to those unfamiliar with our boy, my wife and I see a lasting, incremental change in his condition, and we are forever grateful. You can expect to see us back at HML Chiropractic every year to get our son into the hands of these loving professionals.

Thank you so much Dr. Alex and Dr. Lauren! You are bright lights in the dark, foreboding world of chronic medical conditions and we are truly blessed to have met you!

Spinal Cord Injury

All three doctors at HML are wonderful! Everyone in our family, ages 16-49 see them for various ailments from headaches to standard adjustments to functional neurology to paralysis recovery due to spinal cord injury. Their “we really care about our patients” attitude and approach is genuine. We highly recommend HML!

Mother of three with 2 kiddo’s with serious health challenges

Dr.Alex and staff have been a blessing to our whole family. My son had been in and out of inpatient psyc with no success. The team was patient and loving with him. He has now been able to regulate his mood and impulses with a diagnosis of ODD, ADHD, ANXIETY and Depression, sensory processing. He is off over half of his meds and is continuing to lower the doses. This kid is unrecognizable in his recovery. He is able to feel and process emotions that he had never felt before.

My daughter hurt her knee and had knee surgery. They have been the number one source of her recovery. Dr. Drew has been able to set up a plan to further her healing.

My other daughter has had chronic constipation since birth. This is the first doctor who has helped and we have seen improvements with the use of continuous laxatives.

My husband has tendinitis and general pain from work and has been taken care of by the team!

I cannot thank this team enough. God has truly blessed them with the ability and heart to care for the forgotten.