At HML we love to take care of everyone, but most especially kids! One of the many things we specialize in is chiropractor pediatric treatment. Children come in for an array of reasons including but not limited to: Aches and pains, headaches, migraines, growing pains, sports injuries, injury prevention, neurological optimization for sports performance, spinal wellness checks, general wellness checks, developmental checkups, developmental care such as a functional neurological program, bedwetting, constipation, sleeping problems and more.

Getting adjusted is all about maintaining joint range of motion. Joints are where two bones come together and will move to form ranges of motion. The number one input into the brain is what are the joints and muscles along the spine doing? Are they moving appropriately? If so, they send good signals (proprioceptive) up to the brain, if not hey send harmful signals (nociceptive). These harmful signals will cause the brain to get stressed out and believe it or not will start releasing cortisol (the stress hormone) from all of this. This is the start of where pain sets in, amongst other physiological phenomena. And it is this release of extra cortisol that contributes to (or causes) a lot of health issues that you may have heard get helped with chiropractic like constipation, or other digestive issues. 

When you bring your infant, toddler, child or teenager into us, there is a lot that we consider before adjusting, let alone performing any other services. The first thing to consider is force. How much force will it take to adjust your child? Not much at all. Most infants and toddlers take the weight of the change in your pocket. Most of the time the “popping and cracking” or manual adjusting is not warranted. It may sound odd thinking about bringing your infant in for care, but consider the fact that the most traumatic thing they have experienced so far is being born… A considerable amount of force is put on their spines and bodies to come out of the womb – regardless how they came into this world. Getting adjusted is all about moving the joints along the spine and rest of the body into motion, their little joints jam up and prevent proper range of motion just like us adults. The only difference is they do not experience pain, at least most of the time.

In older kiddo’s, ages 2-12 for instance are usually very active. A lot of sports and a lot of school. These are stressors on their bodies just as they would be stressors on ours. It’s just that they have not been through decades of use and abuse on their bodies, so they are not feeling things now. It’s easier to grow a straight tree than fix a crooked one, or easier to maintain a car than fix a broken one.

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