If you feel like your child is having a hard time reading with speed, decoding, and comprehension, this could be an early sign of Visual Processing Disorder in Children. To look for visual processing issues, one must see a specialist such as HML, vision therapist, or Optometrist that performs vision therapy. To learn more about vision therapy, check out our podcast on it, available everywhere, The Dr. Alex Show: https://www.fredcasts.com/dralex

There is an array of distinctively different visual processing-based issues in children. This disorder Visual Processing Disorder (VPD) is lesser-known to people and most likely involved in other disorders that children have. This disorder can look and “smell” as we say a lot like Dyslexia for example, but the treatment can be different, so it is good to know if it is there. To learn more about Dyslexia, see https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/testing-kids-for-dyslexia/ or https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/dyslexia-and-other-learning-disabilities-ld/ for more information.

At HML we find ourselves using our RightEye system A LOT to find out how well our patients visual system moves and processes information. The RightEye system is a non-invasive way to see how well the eyes move, your eyes don’t move well, and you will not read well… To learn more about the RightEye see https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/righteye/ 

All of the symptoms involved with VPD are Dyslexia, issues reading, decoding, losing track of time, poor spelling abilities, and forgetting letters numbers and words easily. All of that is very important, however at HML we concern ourselves with what is the underlying functional neurological problems driving VPD, and can we fix it? Going through our examination process allows us to run therapeutic trials on the spot to see pre and post-changes in our patients. When we can make an instant change, we know the system is plastic and capable of changing for the better. How much all of that translates into positive changes in functionality and symptom reduction is different from case to case but we find ourselves impacting people’s lives more often than not, on a permanent basis. 

To learn more, check out our page on Chiropractic https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/chiropractic-care/ as well as other services we offer children of all ages: https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/neuro-development-101/ https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/childhood-neurodevelopmental-disorders/