It seems at times, even the “smallest” of hits to the head can lead to concussion in our children without the most outward of signs.

5 signs of a concussion in kids are:

  1. Headaches! Sudden onset of headaches. The headaches may not start immediately after the hit to the head, it could be a day, two, or three and one will not think to correlate the hit to the headaches. 
  2. Irritability, our children undergo many milestones when growing up including emotional milestones and parents may think “they are just going through a phase.” Consider otherwise if there was a hit to the head in the last day to a few weeks. 
  3. Lethargic. Is your child tired, or sleeping more than usual? Even falling asleep in the middle of the day at school. 
  4. Lethargy leads us to the next one, sleep. Is your child restless at night? Or just the opposite, sleeping more than usual? Could be going through a growth spurt, or it could be a sign of a concussion.
  5. Digestion issues. When we take a hit to the head, our GI tract can become more porous, or “leaky” within hours. And that is because of a few mechanisms, but children and adults can have digestive issues after a hit to the head, and having a “leaky gut” is the start of it. 

There are more signs of a concussion in kids and symptoms, all of which, including the above can be fixed. It’s just that a hit to the head can be quickly minimized if there are no immediate outward signs such as loss of consciousness. 

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If your child is experiencing any of the signs of a concussion, contact us today to see how we can help!