Relief for Seasonal Allergies


Seasonal allergies come from all of those beautiful trees, plants and grass blooming. Now, we can’t do much about that, yet most of us want to get out and enjoy the great weather that we are long overdue for… So, what do we do?


One thing is to reduce the amount of histamine we eat. Histamine is a nitrogenous compound involved in allergic reactions. Some foods have high amounts of histamine naturally, like wheat bread. Others will cause the body to make more histamine, like alcohol.  And others actually can help combat high histamine levels in the body like garlic.


Another thing to do is make sure the HVAC filters are fresh in your home and work. When buying air filters for your home, going cheap is good for the HVAC unit itself, it’s not as hard for the unit to blow air through the house. However, those savings in money could lead to contributing to allergic symptoms. See the following on MERV ratings and HVAC filters to learn more:


On the note of our HVAC systems, another thing to consider is having the ducts checked if they need to be cleaned. All of this talk of HVAC may not be the cause of your allergies, but at the least they will be contributing to them, adding a higher histamine load to your immune system. Lastly, around the house, is there carpet? May not have to go and get that ripped up, but certainly get it professionally cleaned. We say professionally cleaned because there are great carpet cleaning companies out there that can leave zero residue and water in the carpet – which is crucial when one is dealing with allergies.


Now, on to “What can I take for my allergies?” We like to keep things all natural when we can at HML, and we have great products to do so. One is a form of vitamin C with added nutrients and digestive enzymes for absorption. Think of vitamin C as one of the major nutrients that helps keep the immune system robust where you want it, and calm where you need it. The other product is an all-natural anti histamine blend with mangosteen root, ginger, quercetin, and others that combat histamine directly.


Finally, if you or your loved ones suffer from a chronic neurological disorder such as ADHD, increased histamine in your nervous system excites it. Histamine excites brain activity and can contribute to symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and more. So, if you see an increase in symptoms with yourself or children, reach out and see if there is anything we can do for you!