Fish oil, turmeric, and vitamin D can be LIFE CHANGING if taken at the right dose with the best products. Apex Energetics is a proud sponsor of the Dr Alex show and is 90% of what HML uses with their patients because they are leaders in synergistic formulations, delivery systems and absorbency!

Fish Oil: OmegaCo3 is a liquid that has the consistency of yogurt and tastes like oranges.
OmegaCo3-SE is capsules (no fish burps)
2,000-6,000mg per day. (consult if you are on blood thinners).

Super Turmero is a liquid like the fish oil, slightly different taste.
Turmero SE are the capsules.
1,000-5,000mg per day

Vitamin D:
Liqua D comes in a dropper bottle, tasteless
Ultra D 5,000 tastes like the fish oil, same consistency, 1 dose is 5,000IUs
2,000-10,000IUs per day based on your vitamin D levels. Need your vitamin D checked? Email Dr Alex at $25-75 depending on insurance. No in-office appointment necessary for us to order that for you!

*Consult HML or your Primary Care before starting a supplement regiment

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