How do You Overcome Dyslexia?

What a great question! Maybe start with, can an individual overcome Dyslexia? And as bold as this sounds, the answer is yes. We can say that at HML because we’ve seen it time and time again. People will get diagnoses from other professionals, we run them through their Functional Neurology program and return to the same professional, or a different one and have the diagnosis changed to something “milder” removed, or never given.

The literature states that one may always have issues as it relates to Dyslexia once diagnosed and the best treatments involve reading and tutoring programs. That literature however does not include running Functional Neurological programs on these individuals with or without Low Level Light Therapy or Cold Laser. Functional Neurology is about examining and checking what areas of the brain are operating how they should. We know what is normal and we know what is not normal. If we find an area like the left prefrontal cortex is not firing quite how it should (as we wrote here: then we run therapeutic trials that stimulate that area of the brain and recheck our findings, if it improved then we know what we are doing for that patient, if it didn’t then we will not use that stimulus. This process of examination, therapeutic trials, and treatment is the Functional Neurological process and is why no two people at HML with Dyslexia have the same program.

Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental disorder, there can be a genetic component to it but knowing it is a developmental disorder, this means that something(s) did not mature as well as they should, and we know that we can change the brain. This is why with the correct Functional Neurological Program and/or tutoring and reading programs we do believe at HML that individuals can overcome Dyslexia. Can all people? Probably not. But we have yet to come across someone that we have not been able to help even move towards passing grades or go from F’s to A’s. 

If tutoring and reading programs do not seem to be helping your child or getting them as far as you’d like, consider Functional Neurology. At HML not only do we address the brain directly with a fully tailored brain-based program to strengthen the underperforming areas of the brain, but we also look at things from a dietary perspective. Certain neurotransmitters and nutrients are necessary for the areas of the brain involved in Dyslexia and if properly tested for and supported with Functional Medicine we have a recipe for success!

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