A Family Chiropractic Center That Helps You Function

Adding a good Chiropractor to your team of professionals that take care of yourself and your family can help in many ways. For instance, the vast majority of family chiropractors adjust people of all ages from newborns to the elderly. Now before you start looking up video’s on YouTube of people getting adjusted, which by the way we at HML do not condone. Getting adjusted is not supposed to be a person’s form of entertainment when the day is over on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook – off my soap box! Don’t think that is how your baby will be taken care of. Adjusting babies and children entails a much different technique, very gentle, and effective. Checkout our other blog post on that: https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/chiropractor-pediatric-treatment/ 

Getting adjusted can provide many benefits because it helps relax the nervous system. The number one input into the brain is the joints and muscles along the spine, if they are not moving through their proper range of motion, it stresses the brain out, believe it or not. See https://hmlfunctionalcare.com/chiropractic-care/ to learn more about that.

Family chiropractors are usually holistically minded and have foundational knowledge in diets, nutritional supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes that can help people with their chronic health conditions. For example, a common issue is constipation in children. Not that we treat constipation but we adjust the spine and get the nervous system relaxed… Maybe mix in some supplements like specific forms of calcium and fatty acids and we now have a child going to the bathroom without laxatives or discomfort. 

What about immunity nowadays? Again… We adjust the spine, this adds proprioception (the brain’s bodily awareness of where it is in space) or good signals in, reduces nociception (nociception means harmful signals or negative signals in), and cortisol (stress hormone) harmonizes. There are about 98,000 other things that occur, but that’s the takeaway. When cortisol harmonizes, the immune system works better!

Got aches and pains? See above. Need help getting those headaches down? See above. If your child has growing pains (I wish I saw a chiropractor growing up) see above. As more and more people are looking for permanent solutions or more natural forms to treat their various health ailments, consider getting your family to a Family Chiropractic Center! Contact us today to see how we can help!