Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries usually occur with severe physical traumatic events such as automotive accidents or the alike. Your spinal cord is what transmits information to your brain from your body, and from your brain to your body. 

The main information going through your spinal cord is:

Your brain telling your body to move (motor function)

Your body telling your brain where your body and head are in space (proprioception and vestibular system input)

Your body telling your brain other sensory input such as tactile, pain and temperature, and more (sensory).

When the spinal cord is traumatized, these pathways to and from can become mild to severely damaged leaving the individual with any amount of sensory and or motor deficits. These injuries can vary greatly from individual to individual and that is why at HML we prefer using functional neurology and functional medicine  to make a truly individualized treatment plan for the patient. 

Lastly with spinal cord injuries there will always be a brain deficit of sorts. If information is not correctly making it to or from the brain, then that area of the brain will not work as efficiently, and at HML we treat ALL aspects of spinal cord injury with that understanding. We want to treat the brain and spinal cord to get the fastest and best results.